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Who ROCKS as a Family Doc??

We nominate Dr. Ketiku for the “My Family Doc Rocks! Awards”. He has assisted us through a very rough ordeal with my husband. 

Dr. Adegboyega Ketiku Willowgrove Medical Group​

He Is Always There To Answer Our Phone Calls..​

..he always inquired if it was necessary to see him. Many times, he gave advice to go to the ER.​

Dr. Adegboyega Ketiku, MD CCFP ACBOM
My Family Doc Rocks Award

The My Family Doc Rocks Award is awarded through patient nomination letters.

Dr. Ketiku obtained his medical degree at the college of medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2004, and completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Saskatchewan through the SIPPA Program in 2013.

He has practiced the broad spectrum of family medicine both in the rural and urban settings locally and internationally. He has worked in Moose Jaw, Kelvington and now Saskatoon.

He is involved in the education and training of medical students and residents, is an Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, and an associate of the Canadian board of occupational medicine ACBOM.

He is also an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada and a practice Supervisor for SIPPA and the College of Physician and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Ketiku is happily married to Ibukun Ketiku and are blessed with 3 awesome daughters.


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