Willowgrove Medical Group

Dr. Coby

 I am a physician with a special interest in dermatology and now more specifically in researching medical grade skincare products and treatments.

I did not start out as a physician but arrived at it over time. I was first a laboratory technologist, then a pharmacist and then finally off to medical school. These disciplines and the experiences within their training prepared me for the research I have undertaken in what has become an invaluable resource for those desiring healthy skin.

Since before 1990, I have investigated over 95 different lines of skincare products and treatments. In this intensive process all levels of investigation including ingredients, efficacy and outcomes are all taken into consideration in choosing the products I work with.

My main work is creating customized skincare plans for each patient based on their skincare goals and challenges. I am also available for the assessment of basic skin concerns as they relate to the field of dermatology. All assessments, treatments and follow-up appointments are exclusively completed by myself.

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